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Fashion in the 80's was characterized by fanny packs, parachute pants, slap bracelets, tracksuits, scrunchies, and neon everything. Extreme 80s is your one-stop shop for the hottest looks and styles strait from the 80's, including leg warmers, fanny packs, neon leggings, headbands, wristbands, watches and other neon items. We have taken many of the popular 80's looks and redesigned them with a touch of modern fashion, bringing these vintage looks to life in the 21st century.

Whether you’re a bona fide 80’s gal or guy or just a modern fashion lover that likes to go retro from time to time, the appeal of the 1980’s as a decade, simply can’t be denied. In the 80’s, people were unapologetic about who they were. Times were good and life was all about great looks, great music, great friends, and energy that knew no bounds. Whether your favorite part of the 80’s was the wave music that characterized the trendiest clubs or the fearless fashions that all the coolest people were wearing, it goes without saying that the 80’s rocked without a doubt.

The best 80’s throwback fashions are all about bringing a little bit of that optimism and attitude back in a way that blends perfectly with today’s fresh and fabulous approach to life. It’s the perfect way to show that the spirit of the 80’s – the boldness, the artistry, the energy – is still alive and well. Plus, it looks amazing! Here at Extreme80s.com, we know how to do throwback fashion right and we’re so pleased to help you go retro in the most wonderful ways under the sun!

Inject New Life Into Your Summer Look!

Our 80’s fashion trends revisited are the perfect accompaniment to a bodacious 21st century summer, don’t you think? They’re all about color, daring to stand out, energy, and enjoying life to fullest. Try one of the following on for size!

Zinka Sun Protection

In the 80’s some of the products you relied on to protect you from the sun over the summer were the best parts of your look! Inject a little nostalgia into your beachside look with our ultra-cool collection of neon-toned zinc oxide balms.

Radical T-Shirts

Whether you’re male or female, no summer wardrobe is complete without plenty of t-shirts. Appropriate for any setting from a party, to the beach, to a barbecue, our collection of colorful, juicy-toned graphic tees will add just the right touch of 80’s flare to your favorite outfits.

Hats That Rock

Got something to say? Want to show off your one of a kind 80’s spirit? Do it with a ball cap! Ball caps and hats have been the best way to make a statement for decades and our energetic, neon-toned options do it to the tune of an 80’s beat.

Perfect Looks for Women and Men Alike!

Whether you’re looking for the latest in 80’s men’s fashion or 80’s women’s fashion, we’ve got some fantastic picks that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Bring one of these retro-fabulous looks into the 21st century today.

Shades for All

When it comes to fantastic 80’s fashion trends that literally everyone remembers, Day-Glo shades no doubt top the list. We offer a ton of great bargains on bright, bold, and utterly fantastic 80’s throwback shades for men and women alike. Add them to your street look today!

Colorful Active Wear

Whether you like to go for the occasional jog on the beach or hit the gym hard on your weekends, you can’t be caught dead without workout wear that really impresses, right? From can’t-stop-me t-shirts to totally tubular headbands in every neon tone under the sun, you’ll definitely want to add our active wear picks to your collection.

Handy Fanny Packs

Both men and women alike will want to check out our fantastic 80’s fashion fanny packs. Carry all your valuables and necessaries in that hands-free and fun way you remember all too well from the 80’s. Choose from sequins, checker patterns, Day-Glo hues, and more!

Extreme 80’s Is Where It’s At.

While we definitely know our updated 80’s fashions, it’s important to us that you understand that isn’t all Extreme 80’s is about. We don’t just care about providing you with some of the sickest 80’s clothing items under the sun. We pride ourselves on offering you impeccable customer service as well. Your satisfaction with your order is our number one concern.

Enjoy fantastic deals on all of our most popular items, not to mention free shipping on orders over $50. We’re also constantly available to address your questions and concerns via your choice of phone, e-mail, or live chat. Get in touch with us today! 

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