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Feeling patriotic? Is Rocky one of your favorite movies? Do you sing the national anthem in the shower? Well we've got you covered with our authentic line of American flag clothing. Extreme 80's makes American Flag Jumpsuits, USA fanny packs, and other classic red, white and blue apparel. Our collection of American flag shorts, tank tops, and American flag shirts is hand-designed by our finest team of designers, and we ensure that the quality of all Extreme 80s products exceeds our customers' expectations. Each garment is hand-inspected to ensure the highest standards of quality and endurance.

It goes without saying that everyone loves retro wear and it’s not hard to see why. Everyone loves waxing nostalgic about days gone by and the 80’s are especially popular with nostalgia lovers for any number of reasons. The 1980’s were fun, carefree, and over the top. The people who experienced the decade first hand were optimistic about the future thanks to all of the fantastic advances that had been made as far as communications and technology. Most of all, everyone was proud to be an American, as was reflected in much of the music, movies, and clothing of the time.

It’s not terribly difficult to see why people feel like they’d like to inject a little of that trademark 80’s spirit into life these days. America is in the middle of the recession and the 80’s were a more economically hopeful time. The 80’s were about celebrating everything that was amazing, promising, and fruitful about America and 80’s nostalgia is about bringing a little of that back into our world.

Born in the USA

Although the 80’s gave birth to many memorable trends, none of us will ever forget how trendy and popular patriotism was. Everyone had their Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp albums on perpetual replay. Everyone proudly flew American flags outside their homes and Independence Day was a huge extravaganza for many families.

Eventually, the overwhelming pride every American felt in regards to all their country stands for began to show itself in some of the fashion trends of the day. American flag clothes, American flag shirts, American flag pants, and American flag shorts were available in every department store. You saw the stars and stripes showing up on accessories to boot. For instance, everyone had at least one friend that had a super cool American flag fanny pack, right?

Here at Extreme80s.com, we haven’t forgotten how much we all loved our American flag clothing back then. It was awesome to feel so proud of our country and of the freedom every American enjoys. It was even better when we ran into someone else in an American flag tank top or an American flag crop top and flashed them a big grin and a thumbs up. You can bring back that fantastic feeling when you order one of our awesome 80’s American flag items today!

A Little American Flare

If you were lucky enough to actually experience the 80’s first hand, then you already remember how many different ways there were to wear the stars and stripes as a way to show off your patriotic attitude. We’ve worked long and hard to make sure you have many of these same great options today!

American Flag Shirts

If you’re not sure exactly how you’d like to show your American flare, you can’t go wrong with an American flag shirt. They go perfectly with everything from jeans to shorts. Grab one to jazz up your 4th of July or wear to your summer barbecues. They’re a fantastic option for men, women, and children alike!

American Flag Shorts

When the Mercury rises, you can’t imagine living in anything other than a comfy pair of shorts. Why not go all-American with one of our great picks in American flag shorts? They’re a fantastic way to beat the heat on Independence Day, at the beach, at the pool, or anytime!

American Flag Fanny Pack

Are you someone for whom patriotism and the American flag are kind of a “thing”? Then the perfect 80’s throwback item for you just might be an American flag fanny pack! Choose from a variety of fantastic styles. Buy one for yourself or to give as a gift to your favorite patriot.

We Care Here at Extreme 80’s

With American flag clothing and 80’s throwback clothing in general becoming more and more popular all the time, there are hundreds of online shops to buy from… but there’s only one Extreme 80’s. We don’t do what we do just because we love the 80’s. We love our customers as well and we strive tirelessly to not only meet, but exceed their highest expectations.

Enjoy some of the biggest bargains and lowest sale prices available anywhere on your favorite items. Even enjoy free shipping on orders over $50! 

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