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Fanny packs? Ya We Got Those!

Extreme 80's designs and sells a 100% epic collection of fanny packs, including neon fanny packs, DARE fanny packs, sequin fanny packs, and fanny packs with built-in speakers that will deliver skull-crushing music 24/7 (or at least until the batteries run out). All of our hip-flattering fanny pack are designed exclusively by Extreme 80's. Shop now and experience the magic of wearing a fanny pack.

These days, it goes without saying that 80’s revival fashion is hot, hot, hot! It’s not terribly difficult to see why either. Whether you’re a genuine child of the 80’s that’s nostalgic for the good old days or a full-on 21st century mover and shaker with a modern appreciation for the decade, the 80’s were all about some of the very best things life has to offer. Decadence, unabashed fun, and endless youth. All of these 80’s concepts and more are still relevant today!

What better way to bring a little of the spirit of the 80’s into your life than with some fun and trendy throwback items – like any one of our awesome collection of fanny packs and bum bags? Fanny packs were staples in the 80’s because of the way they allowed you to carry everything you needed hands-free. They were the perfect addition to any weekend outfit, not only for the convenience factor involved, but for the way so many of the designs of the times allowed the packs to become fashion items in and of themselves. Today, 80’s style fanny packs are back in a big way and we’re proud and pleased to offer you some of the most eye-catching and contemporary choices out there today.

Neon Fanny Packs

If you’re looking to add some modern day 80’s flare to your wardrobe, but are worried about looking too retro or dated, then you might want to select one of our neon fanny packs to add to your collection. They’re the perfect way to strike just the right chord no matter where and how you wear them!

D.A.R.E. Fanny Packs

D.A.R.E. was huge in the 80’s, so it’s iconic in a big way. However, everything D.A.R.E. stood for is still relevant today. Show your support for the fight to keep kids off drugs when you choose one of our stylish D.A.R.E. neon fanny packs today.

Rayon Fanny Packs

Rayon fanny packs that feature multiple color patches are great accompaniments to modern active wear ensembles. Ours feature carefully selected color combinations, superior construction, and fantastically low everyday prices that are sure to fit sweetly into even the most modest 21st century budgets.

Cute Fanny Packs

Maybe you’re looking for some sweet 80’s fanny packs but aren’t necessarily big on neon in particular. We’ve carefully hand-selected a number of options that will be just the right addition to your favorite weekend outfits.

USA Fanny Packs

Looking to show off your allegiance to the good old U S of A this summer? Try one of our American flag fanny packs! The perfect choice for travel, weekend use, or a last minute gift, they combine all the best of 80’s summer fun while reminding us of why we’re proud to be Americans! Springsteen would definitely approve.

Sequin Fanny Packs

If you’re looking for cute fanny packs or cheap fanny packs that are nevertheless totally 80’s then you won’t want to miss our sequined options. They help add a touch of glitz and glam to literally any outfit. Grab yours today!

Leather Fanny Packs

Looking for a fanny pack that will turn heads, but features a construction that’s a cut above the rest out there? Check out our leather fanny packs – the perfect option for people who love the cool colors, fun shapes, and in-your-face flare of the 80’s… but appreciate the attention to detail and focus on quality that characterized the 80’s elite as well.

Denim Fanny Packs

Denim is a great choice for those who would love to take advantage of the convenience that comes with a fanny pack, but don’t necessarily want something that screams 80’s. Denim is timeless. It goes with everything and it’s still fashionable today, making these pieces the perfect choice for those interested in true fusion.

The Extreme 80’s Guarantee

Here at Extreme80s.com, we’re about so much more than just providing the public with fantastically fun 80’s throwback accessories. We’re also about providing our valued customers with the best possible buying experience under the sun.

Let us treat you to everyday deals on some of our most popular, sought after items as well as free shipping on all orders over $50. Also, feel free to contact us any time with your questions or feedback about any of our fine products. We’d love to hear from you!

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