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You've come to the right place! Extreme 80s is your exclusive store for neon shirts, hats, watches and other neon clothing items. Our collection of neon clothes includes our signature x80 crop tops and v-neck shirts, made from incredibly soft 50/50 polycotton fabric. Get free shipping on orders over $40 in the continental United States.

Whether you actually grew up in the 1980’s or simply have a personal appreciation for the decade, the chances are excellent that you can’t imagine 80’s culture without neon clothes. It’s not hard to see why either. Neon clothing illustrates every concept that personified the 80’s in the most wonderful way. The 80’s were about unabashedly being yourself. They were about being bold, outspoken, and opportunity-driven. Most of all, they were about having fun – about screaming right out loud that you were who you were… and proud of it!

That said, it’s not hard to understand why we’ve been seeing items like neon shirts, neon accessories, and a variety of other novelty neon items making a comeback in recent years. People today believe in the exact same concepts that made neon clothes a hit the first time around and they’re adding fun, juicy clothes just like the ones we carry here on Extreme80s.com to their modern wardrobes as a way to add color, life, and vibrancy to their looks.

Make A Statement With Fantastic Neon Clothes For Women!

The fantastic thing about our 80’s revival clothes is they’re fun, vibrant, and nostalgic without feeling stale and dated. The boxy, shapeless Day-Glo t-shirts you grew up with aren’t what we’re talking about here. Our neon clothes for women pack all the flavor and fun of the 80’s, but in a way that’s gotten a fresh, funky makeover.

Cool Exercise Wear

When it’s time to work out, it’s only natural to want something to wear that’s energetic and gets you moving. Our women’s neon workout clothing includes fresh and fabulous items like crop tops in juicy hues like fuschia and Day-Glo yellow, kicky neon headbands, and soft, bright wristbands.

Gorgeous Leggings

Leggings are back in a big, big way and it’s not hard to understand why. They’re as comfortable as they are flattering. Plus, they go with everything! Check out our unique collection of searing rainbow hues and fun patterns.

Accessories That Impress

No modern woman’s outfit is complete without a statement-making accessory and if you’re ready to go neon, we’ve sure got some picks for you! Add some electricity to your summer wardrobe with a pair of neon shades, a neon ball cap, or a fun neon watch.

Jazz Up Any Closet With Daring Neon Clothes for Men!

Awesome 80’s throwback clothing isn’t just for women. We’ve got plenty to offer the totally tubular dudes out there as well. As with our women’s clothes, our collection takes neon to a whole new level that’s completely suited to the modern personality. Show off your fantastic 80’s spirit in some of the following!

Rad Neon T-Shirts

No men’s summer wardrobe is complete without plenty of t-shirts with personality. If you’re tired of the same old graphic tees and plain color options your local department store has to offer, why not inject some life into things with one of our 80’s throwback t-shirts in lemon, fuschia, or lime?

Eye-Catching Ski Sweaters

Think neon and 80’s flair is just for summer time? Think again! We also feature a popular line of neon men’s ski sweaters in a variety of colors and patterns. Make a statement everywhere you go next winter, whether it’s at your favorite ski lodge or the local mall.

Bodacious Neon Accessories

Not looking to give your outfit the full 80’s treatment? How about a fun accessory like a handy fanny pack, a pair of spirited sunglasses, or a throwback watch? Your friends will be begging you to tell them where you got it!

The Extreme 80’s Difference

Here at Extreme 80’s, we pride ourselves on offering our valued clients not only the very best in 80’s throwback clothing, but also the ultimate in customer service. From the minute we receive your order, we treat it with kid gloves and welcome your feedback anytime via e-mail, telephone, or live chat.

We love to make sure our savvy shoppers get the very best deals under the sun to boot, so we’re always running specials on our most popular items. You’ll enjoy free shipping on orders totaling over $50 as well! Stock up on your favorite neon clothing items from the 80’s today and we’ll treat you like the superstar you are. Rad, right?

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