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Neon Shirts

Neon Shirts

Neon Shirts Like Nobody's Business

Time to update your t-shirt collection with our collection of amazing neon shirts, including our signature x80 neon crop tops, v-necks, and tank tops. Every neon shirt sold on Extreme 80s is made with extremely soft 50/50 polycotton fabric and is sized to perfection. Shop today and get free shipping in the continental United States when you purchase more than $40 in merchandise.

Any modern day fashion lover already knows that the 80’s are totally back and dominating the fashion world right now. From eye-catching rave wear, to casual weekend fashions, to street clothes designed to impress, we’re seeing the glittery influence of the “me decade” everywhere. It’s only natural for a contemporary style icon to be looking for ways to incorporate this fun influence into their own wardrobe.

However, it’s one thing to know you’re in the market for some radical 80’s fashions and another to know what to pick. Neon shirts are an excellent way to introduce a little 80’s-centric flare into your look in a way that’s easy to get used to. Neon shirts come in a ton of different styles, so it’s easy to find an option that really suits your personality and lifestyle. Plus neon is a flexible option and a great way to punch up otherwise ho-hum clothing items like blue jeans or khakis.

Try the Rainbow on for Size

Some online retailers that make it a point to carry the 80’s inspired clothes that are so popular today don’t really go all the way with what they’re doing. They might well have neon shirts (and most will) but they won’t really offer the full rainbow of colors people remember from the 80’s… and when it comes to neon shirts for men, women, and children alike, it’s all about the colors.

Here at Extreme 80’s, we know we have a really discriminating customer with better taste and higher standards than average. That said, we took it upon ourselves to make sure we carry a full rainbow of the extreme day-glo colors we all think of when we think of the 80’s. As you’ll see, we have neon green shirts, neon yellow shirts, neon pink shirts, and so much more.

We also wanted to make sure that if you see something you like, you don’t have to simply pick your favorite neon tone and call it a day. We’ve kept the prices intentionally affordable so that you can build a collection that includes all the must-have shades… just like people did back in the 80’s!

Neon Fashions for Everyone

We know that it’s not enough to just offer plenty of different colors when it comes to our neon shirts.  We know that both men and women are looking to inject a little 80’s fun into their lives, so we carry tons of options for both genders. We’ve also taken great care to make sure there are plenty of different styles to choose from as well. Express yourself with one of the following options today!

Neon Crop Tops

We know that a standard style tee is not going to be unique enough for some people. That’s exactly why we’ve made sure our selection of neon shirts includes neon crop tops and off-the-shoulder options that look like they’re straight out of Flashdance. Channel your inner Jennifer Beals today!

Neon D.A.R.E. Tops

Who can think back on the 80’s without remembering D.A.R.E.? The fight to keep kids off of drugs was a major concern back then and it still is today. Why not pair your love for 80’s neon shirts with an opportunity to support a good cause? Check out our collection of D.A.R.E. crop tops and tees today!

Neon Shirts for Men

Not looking for neon shirts for women? You wouldn’t think we’d forget our bodacious male customers, right? We’ve got an incredible selection of fantastic neon shirts for the guys in our 80’s family as well. Choose from every color in the neon rainbow from dynamic fuschia, to electric blue, to acid yellow. We’ve got it all!

Customer Service for Discriminating Shoppers

At Extreme 80’s, we’re about so much more than just great 80’s nostalgia wear. We’re also about great customer services. The incredible people who shop here deserve nothing less in our opinion! We take great pride in offering you some of the lowest prices on the best quality products available anywhere. We even give you free shipping on any order exceeding $50!

We want to make sure we’re always available to address your questions and hear your feedback, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via e-mail, phone, or live chat. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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